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At Okidata we're commited to providing award-winning technology and quality service. That's what led the development of the value-added service and warranty program we call COREFIDO.

The acronym represents OKI's underlying strengths:
At the CORE of everything we do is reliability-exemplified by OKI LED Technology.
The FIDELITY- the loyalty- we show our customers is absolute.
Thats the OKI way guaranteed.
The COREFIDO program's central offering is an upgrade from the standard 12 months to a full 60 months of on-site service-including parts and labor-for eligible OKI devices. But you must register your COREFIDO-eligible device first-within 90 days of purchase.

COREFIDO: Savings. Simplicity. Support.

COREFIDO saves your business money while simplifying the management of your multifunction devices:
60 months of free on-site repairs — extended coverage from 1 year to 5 years, at no cost to you
Free parts and labor — no out-of-pocket expenses
National service support — easy-to-schedule, punctual repairs by expert technicians

By eliminating service and maintenance costs over five years, COREFIDO can dramatically reduce the total cost of ownership (TCO) of your OKI MFP devices while improving the bottom line of your overall document printing fleet.

And not having to worry about service issues also means you can concentrate on your core business.
To qualify for the 5-Year COREFIDO Warranty program, you must register your eligible OKI device within 90 days of purchase.

COREFIDO: the easy – and free – way for you to “go green”!

The COREFIDO program also includes a Recycling program that’s free, easy to participate in, and eco-correct.
Once you register your COREFIDO-eligible device, you can recycle your used Genuine OKI toner and image drums, as well as maintenance items, such as transfer belts and fusers.*

Simply send them back to OKI free of charge with postage-paid shipping labels that you can conveniently download.
OKI will make sure that all items are responsibly recycled.

If you'd like to see a great video from Okidata about their OKI COREFIDO Warranty Program, click the image below.

CoreFido Program


Recycling Program

Meeting the ever-changing needs of business requires innovative solutions. At OKI Data Americas, this goes hand-in-hand with environmental awareness. The company is dedicated to promoting and advancing environmental (aka “green”) initiatives.
OKI Data Americas approaches its environmental policy in three ways:
Creating eco-friendly products
Contributing to environmental conservation in business activities, such as resource conservation
Supporting the efforts of our end-user customers, including consumables recycling

We take a holistic approach to green issues when new products are developed: the environmental considerations are automatically integrated into the design, engineering and post-sales care of the product and its consumables.
Among our many services and solutions are applications that help control wasteful printing practices by establishing rules for accessing printers/MFPs; allowing end users to print in color, black & white or not at all; and by recording all printing activity to help eliminate unnecessary print jobs.

In addition to many state recycling programs to which OKI Data Americas subscribes, the unique OKI COREFIDO Recycling Program—limited to registrants in the 5-Year COREFIDO Warranty program—recycles OKI Genuine Consumables (toner cartridges and image drums) as well as transfer belts and fusers of eligible OKI MFP devices.
Finally, as a company, OKI Data Americas practices recycling in a big way. We partner with solid waste companies that are committed to developing markets for recycled materials. OKI Data Americas marks for recycling all substantial parts within our products, packaging and documentation.

Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can I get a COREFIDO 5 Year Warranty?

Customers that purchase an eligible OKI device (OKI MB760, MB770, MB770f and MB770fx Monochrome MFP’s or an MC770, MC780, MC780f and MC780fx Color MFP’s) can upgrade from the standard 12 months warranty to the COREFIDO 5 year warranty by registering their device within 90 days of purchase.

2. How can I confirm when my warranty is due to expire if I do not have the warranty certificate on hand?

Once you have registered your eligible OKI device for COREFIDO, you can check the time remaining on your warranty by logging back into and clicking on “Review Registered Products”. There you will also find the day your warranty began and the expiration date.

3. Does the COREFIDO 5 year warranty also apply to options?

OKI Warranties including COREFIDO include any OKI factory option that are attached to the OKI Monochrome and Color Multifunction eligible devices.

4. Does COREFIDO cover on-site service or do products need to be sent back to a depot?

The COREFIDO program provides national service support with 5 years of on-site service including free parts (excluding toners and image drums) and labor when necessary for eligible registered devices.

5. Who do I contact if I have a service issue?

In the unlikely event that you have a service issue, simply call 1-800-OKIDATA (1-800-654-3282).

6. What if I need to speak with someone on the weekend regarding an issue with my COREFIDO device?

No problem, OKI Data Customer Service is available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day to help you with any question or problem you might be experiencing.

7. Once the COREFIDO 5 year warranty expires, am I still able to get break/fix services?

Once your 5 year COREFIDO warranty expires, OKI Data will be happy to refer you to a local servicing dealer either by phone or by using our online dealer locator tool:

8. Where can an end user find the postage paid shipping labels for recycling their consumables and maintenance items?

Free postage paid shipping labels for recycling toner, drums and maintenance items are included in your welcome kit and can also be downloaded at

9. How do I edit my COREFIDO registration information?

When you log in to the COREFIDO program it opens to a confirmation screen and you may edit or change your information at that time.

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